Thursday, September 11, 2008

Max and Moritz

During the summer after our trip to America, Shantal was at a Theater Camp for two weeks. And On Saturday, Shantal performed in a Children's Theater. All the kids at this Theater Camp practiced for two weeks and then there were some weekends practicing as well.

There is a popular book series out here called Max and Moritz. And they performed 7 different Max and Moritz short stories. Shantal was in two of the short stories and played the lead role in both.

In the first one, she was someone who sleeps and while she is sleeping, a bunch of ladybugs come and she shoos them all away.

In the second one, she was a farmer. I don't recall the story that goes a long with it.

But Shantal had a lot of fun in this. Theater is something she has a passion for and I am sure this was just the beginning of watching Shantal up on the stage.

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