Friday, September 19, 2008

A Great Surprise

Wednesday afternoon, around 4pm, I heard that Adrian was in town on business and was coming over. I was very excited.

Adrian lives in Berlin and was one of our Foreign Exchange students when we lived in Wisconsin. We are all still real close. And it is amazing the bond that Adrian and Emma have. Emma was born one month before Adrian went home. So Emma doesn't remember him. But everytime we are with him, she wants to be on him, playing with him, and just being with him. They are so cute together.

He got here just as we were eating dinner and joined us. He brought the kids Surprise Eggs, which is always a hit at our house. And that is the way he won Ian over, for a few moments anyway. We got the kids all in bed about an hour later and we sat and talked for a few hours.

It was so nice to catch up again and to re-hash some great memories that we share. He is really like a son to us and the kids look up to him like a big brother.

Here are a few pictures of that night.


Theriault Family said...

so fun to see him! he looks exactly the same! :)

Nashe* said...

They're so blond! =))

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