Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Grandpa

I got news the other day that my Grandpa passed away. It was one of those relief's when you know it is better for them that way. But at the same time, there is a part that makes you sad.

I started thinking more on the whole topic throughout the rest of the night, and into the next day, and I realized, that he was my last Grandparent living. And, the biggest thing I thought of, was that in the two years I have lived here in Germany, I lost 2 Grandpa's and a Grandma.

These are hard times for me to be away from Family. These are the times I want to be home and be together to look back.

And I started thinking in bed the other night of things I remember about my Grandpa. Granted, when I think of Grandpa, Grandma comes to mind too.

My Grandpa was more of a quiet person. Grandma was always loud and talked a lot. But not Grandpa.

As I was little, and living in California, I remember going over to my Grandparents house to Swim. They had a pool, and it was something I enjoyed. The biggest thing that comes to mind is Grandma making us wait an hour after we ate before we could get back in the pool. And that was a long time for a kid.

As I got a bit older and into my teens, I remember time with them in Idaho. They lived out in the country. I remember mowing the Lawn with Grandpa. I would ride on the riding lawn mower with him. And of course, can't forget the endless weeding in the garden, burning of the trash and playing endless card games. Oh and Rainbow Trout....YUCK. giggles.


heza said...

I think about that too: the tougher side of living abroad - times when family should be together. So sorry to hear about your Grandpa. But what really comforting memories you carry with you.

Coleen said...

If it helps at all, there's not much going on around here, either. Not much (if any) talking about it. It could be my fault with my whiny recovery...but I dunno. I think it's because we're not getting things ready for a funeral or anything. I'm all sad because...not only am I the only one to not have all 4 grandparents (without Gpa Johnson, of course) at my wedding...but I won't have *any* of them. It makes me sad. I didn't think Grandpa Hanson would make it anyway...but still. Blah. I was also such a grandpa's girl with Grandpa Hanson. I would always go sit by him on his permanently indented couch, and just hold his hand or put my head on his shoulder. Blah. still doesn't feel real because I haven't seen him in so long, and again...we're not planning anything yet.

Ann said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandpa passing away. It's always hard to loose a loved one and even harder when you can't be there with family. Our sympathies go out to you and your family.

Nashe* said...

Sorry you weren't there when he left. Sympathies from Singapore.

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