Thursday, August 30, 2007

Want Levis in Germany?

Looking for a deal you can't pass up? Want that comfortable fit you're used to? It's got to be Levis. No, this isn't an add for Levis. It's an update from our Living in Germany Podcast by Tamara's better half?!?! ; -) The lovable DH you've heard so much about.

In Episode 12 of our Living in Germany Podcast we discussed a sale at the local department store here in Ratingen, Germany. It's a sale for Levis 501 blue jeans for 65 €. That translates to almost $87.

I had heard about this phenomenon of high prices for popular blue jeans from the United States from others who had visited Germany, but I had never looked at the prices before, so this one blew me away when I saw the advertisement.

And how much are those Levis 501 blue jeans in the U.S. right now? We looked at Sears online and they are offering the jeans for $31.99 or $3 off the normal price (approx. 23.50 €).

For all you math majors out there (or non math majors who haven't calculated the difference yet), the jeans are about $55 more expensive in Germany than in the U.S. - that is Amazing.


Kristin said...

Can you get the Jeans that are sold in American stores, shipped to Germany?

Gardner said...

Yes, but if you ship directly from the company to your house, you have to pay an import tax to receive the package.
For personal shipments, I don't think it applies, or if the import tax rule applies then it is not enforced as rigourously.

Jo Anne said...

You could probably become millionaires if you bought them here and sold them there! The expense must be why you don't see lots of Germans in jeans! lol

Christopher said...

not the same models and not the same market positioning. you can't compare levi's in the us with levi's in germany.

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