Friday, August 31, 2007

Ian's 1st Birthday!

So my little guy turns one today. Why does that make me sooooo emotional? I'm such a dork!

What a year we have had. He was just three weeks old when we moved here to Germany. He was the one that held our family together in times of hardships. It is crazy that such a little guy could of done that. He was such a happy baby. Always smiling. Everyone flocked to him. It was easy to meet new people in a far away land because of Ian. No one can resist such a cutie.

I am such a procrastinator. I went out today and bought Ian his birthday presents. I love the fact that I can go shopping with him right there. He can play with whatever it is in the cart. Then I can come home and wrap it up. And when he opens it, it is as if he has never seen it before.

I bought him a lawn mower that he can push around. the dang thing makes noise when you push it. I am sure that will drive me nuts. But he is going to love it. I also bought him a huge truck. He loves pushing Spencer's cars around. So I thought he would enjoy this. And this is bigger. I don't have to worry about it going into his mouth.

We had friends over from our church tonight. People that help watch Ian and always want to hold him. We grilled Brats.

I made Ian his very own cake as well. It is a big number one. I saw my sister made this same cake last month with Dominic and couldn't resist stealing the idea. Ian was not as aggresive with the cake as my other kids had been. But once Ian tasted the frosting, that is all he wanted. You really have to watch the video that goes with it. A picture just doesn't do it justice as to the excitement of the frosting.

The Lawn Mower I gave Ian was a huge success. He loved it. Emma was giving Ian presents. He would open one and then she would give him another one. Well, we should of waited until last to give the lawn mower to him. He started crying and trying to get to the lawn mower everytime someone tried to take it away for him to open another present.

The kids were very excited to have it be his birthday. It was a very fun evening.

Ian's Birthday Dinner.

Ian's First Present

The Lawn Mower

The Cake

Ian in Action


Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Happy Birthday, Ian!! Love the videos and that is a cute lawn mower.

Coleen said...

You posted on my blog about the viewing at the exact same time I was posting my stuff about the funeral. Go back and look again! (I would tell you on Skype...but you're not

Lala said...

How sweet! What a fun time it looks like you all had together for his birthday! Gotta love it when one gift totally works!!


Jo Anne said...

Ian is just the cutest thing!! Congrats on him being one!!

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