Wednesday, August 15, 2007

After School Activities

So, we are in the middle of the 2nd week of school. Things are pretty much going good. I have a good routine down for at home and everything is working out great, with the exception of Shantal and her homework saga. It is the same saga she had last year. She hates it, she doesn't want to do it, there fore, she will cry, scream, and simply not do it. I should say, it eventually gets done. But for example, Saturday, she was home ALL day doing homework. No, there is not that much homework, but she just lays on her bed in stead of actually doing it. I think it would of taken her 45 minutes to complete it if she just would of done it.

Hannah cried every day during the first week of school. Only for a few minutes, she tells me. But, this week, she has not cried at all. And a matter of fact, she told me Monday that it is better when no one walks her to class because then she does not cry.

Another funny thing about Hannah this week. On Monday's they sit on the carpet in a circle and talk about what they did over the weekend. I thought for sure she would of told them about us going to the summer festival in town. I did that Saturday with 4 kids while Gardner stayed home with Shantal doing homework. But no, she told them how she went to church on Sunday. Someone said, church....that is a good thing. We are a church school. And hannah proceeded to tell them that she does not like church and she does not like learning about Jesus. It made me laugh real hard when she told me this story.

All three of the older kids started Gymnastics yesterday. There is a free Gymnastics program on Tuesdays here in town. Hannah went first and it was an hour long. Only 1st graders allowed. There were only 5 kids. Perfect for Hannah. Then comes the 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. There was 21 kids. Shantal had fun and said she is going again, but Spencer said no way.

The reason why: There was a little girl there who kept messing with Spencer. She would hit him, push him, ect. When I was there, she was making fun of Spencer for speaking English. It is amazing, bullies come in all shapes, sizes and genders. I even talked to her before I left and asked her if there was a problem. She said no. But since she kept it up all through Gymnastics with Spencer, I think there was a problem after all. Spencer said they kept fighting and that the teacher had to break them up like 3 times. And right before Spencer came home, this girl hit Spencer in the face. So Spencer grabbed her and held her tight. She started crying. Spencer's response was: Now maybe she will know she can't mess with me. And the terrible Mom some of you might think I am, I agreed with him. We've tried the method of walking away, ignoring, telling an adult, etc. But that just doesn't work. We've come to realize that here in Germany, the only thing Spencer can do is defend himself.

Also next week, Spencer starts Soccer and Shantal starts Dancing. Those are after school activities at the school. I am hoping both are good experiences for the kids.

And then starting next Wednesday, Spencer and Shantal start Swimming as one of their classes in school. And then after school, Spencer will start a Games With Balls Class.

All three kids had play dates today. I am really happy about that. Usually they are just home doing nothing. I know they were all happier when they came back together. I am trying really hard to get them involved in different things in the town so they can get to know more kids and feel more comfortable here.


Conibaer said...

I´m so sorry Spencer had such a hard time! There are stupid people everywhere!

Briteeyes said...

Yea there are stupid people everywhere! Canada, USA and even Germany!!!!!!It really sucks how mean kids can be and how stupid some adults are when it comes to their kids being mean,, I would have told Spencer the same thing,and I agree with him,, maybe now, she is know she can't mess with him!!! Way to go Spencer

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