Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ian's Happy Spot

So, do you know what a Baby Born is? It is a doll. This is a doll that Hannah got for Christmas. It can eat. It can also pee. And yes, that is why Hannah wanted it.

Well, an accessory that Grandma Wheeler bought to go with this Baby Born is a Baby Born Car. It is Pink. It plays music. It starts up like a real car. And the Baby Born Doll can sit inside.

Well, one day, I noticed the kids draggin Ian inside this car. At first I was mad at the kids. Since then, I have come to realize how much Ian actually likes being pulled in this car.

Check it out!


Leslie said...

He really is having a great time being one of the kids!

.jessica. said...

how fun is that!!???!! i wanna a ride! :)

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