Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spencer Plays Soccer

Spencer started playing on a Soccer Team while I was in the hospital. This is a team for our little village for his age group. The season started back in August, I believe. And it goes until May sometime. So he started in late.

Well, he had his first game Saturday. And I went to take some pictures. Of course, I took like 50 pictures. But I am only uploading 5.

Spencer's reaction to the game is that it was a lot of fun but he only got the ball once. He actually had it more than that. But I guess it was one time where he actually got to kick it for more than one tap.

It was so freezing. I eventually went and sat in the van while they played their last five minutes.

His team, Tus Homberg, did lose: 3 to 1. But they had 3 of their best guys gone. And the other parents were saying that they did pretty well for not having the other guys there. They actually thought they would take a bigger beating than they did.

Spencer got to play almost the whole game. We were amazed. Because of the other players missing, they had one extra player was all. We had spent the drive up there prepping Spencer telling him he might not be able to play very much, if at all. He is the new guy and he has a lot to learn about Soccer.

But for now, he is very excited and happy to be playing. And it was definately nice to go and watch him play his first game.


G in Berlin said...

He looks adorable! Glad to see you up and posting again.

Shannon Schafer said...

He is too cute! Great photos!

Leslie said...

You got some great photos!

And don't worry about taking too many photos. I take 500 of my niece playing soccer just to get a couple of good ones.

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