Friday, November 2, 2007

Thanksgiving Day - sort of

Well, today on the German holiday of All Saints day, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving. Well, not really. Tamara decided to cook a Thanksgiving style dinner and invite some friends over (a young married couple with no children). Tamara did this 3-4 times a year in the states, and you can't ever do it just by yourself, it just tastes better when it is shared with friends or family. But here it is harder/more expensive to get the turkey. I think Tamara bought this turkey when we went to the US base in the Netherlands for her birthday.

It was quite enjoyable. The turkey was great, the stuffing was great, the potatoes were great, the yams were great, the apple pie was great (heard the pumpkin pie was good, but I'm not a fan). The German couple brought the cranberry sauces, well Preiselbeere were actually used in the sauce, but it was equally good. Did I mention my wife is great. She does a fine job with everything around the house and Thanksgiving dinner is one of her specialties.

After the fabulous dinner we all watched Mr. Mom (our friends hadn't seen it before and me and the kids enjoy it quite a bit). After the kids went to bed I pulled out a football game my dad had sent me on DVD last year - the rivalry game BYU vs. Utah, 2006. The draw to football after some Turkey was just too strong, and I had to throw it in, despite the objections of my loving wife (just like thanksgiving day back home).

I told Tamara that there was one really sweet play I wanted to show our friend (the husband). But, in order to enjoy that one play (game winning touchdown pass on the last play of the game), we had to review some of the other plays leading up to that play. So, we watched the first quarter and then fast forwarded to some of the touchdowns in the 2nd half and concluded by watching the final few minutes without fast forwarding.

BYU went up 27-24. Then Utah roared back and it was 27-31 with only 1:09 left on the clock. There were a few lucky plays for BYU so they could move the ball and stop the clock. They got down to the 10 yard line and called their last timeout with 0:03 left on the clock. The last play of the game. Q-back scrambles left, and then gets flushed out to the right. All players race across the back of the end zone, except for one. The Q-back throws back across the field to the TE for the winning touch down. It was still amazing fun to watch it again this year. I guess that wouldn't hold true for all the Utah fans out there, but for me it was a great "Thanksgiving" day.


Maria said...

There is nothing like some football with Thanksgiving. I'd be much happier about football though if Tulsa would regain its form from the early part of the season. Lately both O and D stink! We would have gotten our butts kicked has we played like that against BYU!

Gardner said...

BYU is doing pretty good in conference. Too bad we caught Tulsa on an "ON" week this year?!?!

Briteeyes said...

Turkey sounds so good right now! There is a guy on cougarboard who made me the qb (john beck) and Harline figurines posed in that position of the last play of that game, Todd got them for his birthday. The pics are on my blog if you havent seen them yet, they are amazing! it was an amazing game!!!!

Maria said...

I saw that BYU won again! Tulsa did too, but the first half was ugly. I just can't believe how poorly we're doing. Oh well...Bowl eligible already, so hopefully we can get it together and not look stupid in our bowl.

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