Friday, November 16, 2007

Shantal Turned 10!

Well, I guess I should say Happy Belated Birthday to my Shantal. She turned 10 this past weekend. And she celebrated by having a sleep over party. Since her birthday was on a Saturday, she decided to have her friends sleep over on Friday and then they would be here for her birthday when they woke up.

Well, if you remember, the germans consider it bad luck to celebrate before hand. One grandma told her granddaughter, who in turn told Shantal that it was typical Americans to celebrate such a way. And then there were a few girls that didn't come because of it.

Well, her friends came over Friday night and they watched 2 movies. They actually went to go to bed around 11pm. Not too bad. But then they didn't just go to sleep. Of course, this was expected. But they stayed up way too late. I know I went up to bed around 1am and some girls were still awake.

In the morning, Shantal woke be up before 6am telling me all the girls were awake. So I went down and made breakfast.

After Breakfast, Shantal opened her presents. She got some polly pockets from her friends. And then From Grandpa and Grandma Wheeler, Grandpa and Grandma Johnson and from Us, she got a Polly Pocket Airplane. Almost 100 Euros. YIKES. Her friends kept saying they had never gotten a birthday present that big before. For Christmas yes, but not her birthday. It was funny.

The rest of the day, Shantal turned into a terrible monster. Seriously, she was so moody and tired. She was crying a lot. I felt bad she was having such a terrible day for her birthday. But it made me realize that maybe sleep overs are out. If it is going to cause so much trama afterwards, it isn't worth it. Hannah was crushed to hear such a thing because she was planning her first one for her birthday. She immediately asked if they had a bedtime and a few rules if I would change my mind. Oh, she is a wise little one!


Kay said...

I'm glad Shantal had a fun birthday. As a mother. like you, I never did like sleep overs, The next day was always hard for the whole family because of the lack of sleep. For your sake, I hope Hannah will give you a few more years before you have to have another one. However, when the children are younger, the mother has more control! See you soon.

Briteeyes said...

Sleepovers are hard on kids. I hate them personally, but always give in,, Hannah is smart, she is learning young the art of compromise! LOL Good luck! Glad Shantall had a good time..

Lala said...

Looks liek a eally fun birthday!!


Suzy said...

How fun! Looks like a great time was had!

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