Monday, February 12, 2007

A Very Crazy Day

Well today was a very crazy day. I am beginning to wonder if this whole week will be this way.

I woke up late again, as usual. When I looked at the clock, the kids only had 15 minutes until it was time to leave for school. It was raining, but everyone made it on time. Spencer and Hannah even had time to eat breakfast. I got all three kids to school, came home got Emma and Ian something to eat, diapers changed, and myself showered. Got 3 loads of laundry done (Ok, maybe not completly done as they are not folded). Went to the Bakery (hey, I have to take advantage of all the great breads here!). And even got to Hannah's school to pick her up 15 mintues early.

We got home just in time for Spencer to get home. I asked him how his day was. And he said it was good. And then he proceeded to tell me he has 3 friends. I was so happy to hear this news, because Friday when he came home from school, he said he did not have any friends.

I got lunch made, Emma to Nap. And then Shantal came home. Just enough time to get Shantal some lunch and then we were off for a play date at a friends of Hannah and Spencer's. But the whole family was invited. The kids had fun playing outside in their tree house, petting the bunnies and running around with other people. After 1 1/2 hours, it was time for Shantal and Spencer to start Scouts. So we walked to where they meet. Hannah went back to her friends house and I left to go pick up a few items we bought from our friends who are moving back to America. (which are still in our van since it is raining so hard!) I got back just as the kids got there from Scouts. At this time, it is 7pm at night. We hurried ate some dinner, got Emma to bed. Then Hannah. Then I had to help Shantal with her homework. Thank goodness Spencer's homework was just to practice saying the months of the year.

Whew, it felt like a whirlwind day. And I know that tomorrow is going to be the same exact way....starting right when I wake up.

On to other things. Gardner left for Sweden today. He comes back late Thursday night. All the kids put in their orders of what they want Gardner to bring back. Shantal asked for Swedish Fish. Spencer wants Old El Paso Taco Seasoning. I just asked for anything he can find that we can not get here.

Shantal called a friend tonight to see if she can come over and play tomorrow. Her mom won't let her because the kids have had lice. I also would be so leary, but it has been a month already. It broke Shantal's heart.

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