Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have had school on my mind a lot this week. I guess it is because we had that appointment with the school doctor this last week about Hannah. And then thinking a lot about Shantal and how far behind she is in comparison to everyone else in her class.

Today, I had an appointment with a Psycologist to discuss Hannah and perhaps what her problems are. This is something Hannah has to do in order to start school at the end of July. She has to see this person. Luckily, there is an American lady there and that is who we are going to see. Hannah does not have her appointment until March 15th though. Gardner went with me and as usual, she was surprised when I mentioned that Hannah's lack of speaking is not a German related problem and in fact was something that has been going on for years. And it is not just school, but also church. I am interested to see how this whole situation unfolds.

Today as I dropped Hannah off at School, she knew I was in a hurry. She was on board with me leaving after she got her "house shoes" on. (better known as slippers, which every child is required to wear in the schools here in Germany!). Well, one of her teachers came up to me and asked me to tell Hannah she could not just sit out by the coat racks after I leave because it did not look good to the other parents as they walked into the school. Well, Hannah started SCREAMING at the top of her lungs. Not really screaming, but crying in a screaming type voice. All I could do was walk out. Well, when I picked her up from school, they asked all the kids to take home their sport bags from Gymnastics and start bringing them every week instead of leaving them at the school. So I grabbed Hannah's and she got mad and started to do the same exact thing again. Once again, I just started walking to the van. What is a mom to do?

And then Shantal.....She is in the 3rd grade. That is where she is supposed to be. That is where she would be if we were still in America. Well, she is so far behind in certain areas. The kids here in Germany learn some things so much earlier. For example, they learn cursive in the first grade here. In America, it is the third grade. Then math. A real problem area for Shantal. She had not started to learn multiplication nor division and yet, they learn that here in the 2nd grade. Spencer has already learned that since we have been here. So we are trying to decide if it would be in Shantal's best interest to either Stay where she is at and hope she can catch up some, repeat the third grade next year or simply move her back to the second grade. We are going to talk to her teacher this next week and see what she feels is best for Shantal. My thing is, if she is going to repeat the 3rd grade, I'd like her to be moved ASAP into the 2nd grade class. She can learn things there during these last few months of school that would help her next year as the 3rd grade starts. I also am wondering if she couldn't just attend a 2nd grade math class during the day and yet still stay in the 3rd grade. So many decisions and we just want what is best for her.

Spencer is thriving on school work. He has adapted so well and learned the cursive and the math. It is amazing to me to watch how well he does. It just saddens me to hear he has no friends while at school. Yesterday I asked him how his day was. He said it was good. Then I asked him if he had friends and his reply was, "Not really".

And totally off the subject of school, but Emma fell down the stairs today. I tell ya, those stairs are deadly. I am so afraid of when Ian will start to walk. I have had visions of bad falls.

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