Friday, February 23, 2007


Today Hannah went to a friends house, someone from her Kindergarten class. her name is Lena. She was there for 2 1/2 hours and did not want to leave when I showed up to take her home. She told Lena's mom she wanted to sleep over. Lena's mom said Hannah did wonderful and talked most of the time. It is amazing to see Hannah get a little more confident in talking around certain kids.

Another thing Hannah did today I call a milestone. She ate breakfast at school. This is the first time since Hannah started school that she ate there. They provide breakfast everyday. And I pay for this breakfast, 7 Euros a month, whether she eats or not. Today, she actually ate. I was so excited. They also provide toothbrushes (well, we pay for that as well) and they brush their teeth after they eat. Well, she brushed her teeth for the first time at school today. She says she will probably eat every day now. Could she finally be coming around? I sure hope so.

One thing I did today was throw together a play date with a few friends on Monday for Hannah. Monday is Hannah's 6th birthday. A girl named Debbie asked if she could play on Monday. I told the mom that would work as we have nothing going on. Hannah reminded me it was her birthday. I realized it would be a great birthday present to have a few friends over. So far, she has 3 coming over and we will be asking for one more. I think this is something that would benefit Hannah in the adjustment process.

Shantal also played with friends today. I was so happy to see her come home with a phone number to a girl in a different class. Well, this girl named Joke (It is pronounced Yoka in German), actually called Shantal while she was eating her lunch. Shantal was telling Joke that she needed to finish eating and then do her homework before she could play. I was actually so excited that someone wanted to play with her I told her to forget the homework for now and to go and play. They went to the park and then the rain started to come down. So they ended up here playing. Oh, and it was just last night while doing Shantal's homework I wrote down our address and phone number in case she wanted to give it to someone at school and I knew she did not know it yet. I'm so glad I did. And yes, I know I need to teach it to the kids.

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