Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello Out There

Well I am a bad blogger. And as much as I think I should write at times, I feel like I lead a very boring life and what is the point. Gardner assures me my life is anything but boring. He tells me I had over 500 hits to my blog last week alone, and I have not written for months. So what is a girl to do? Write, I suppose. To appease the one who says I should write. :)

School is winding down here in Germany. We still have a month left, but all the end of the year activities are in full swing. It enough to keep one busy and feel insane on days. July 15th can't come soon enough for me. Every year, the school year goes longer and longer into summer. Next year, it is July 27th.

Emma had her 5 year check up yesterday. She did really great at the beginning. But then the nurse left and we were waiting for the doctor to come in. She started playing with something and the Doctor came in ready to do his thing. Well, Emma did not want to stop playing. So we dealt with an Emma melt down where the doctor left. Not just once, but twice. I handled the first walk out in stride trying to talk Emma into doing what we came there to do and she could finish playing afterwards. But the second time he walked out, I got angry with her. There was no more playing with the toy. And the bakery stop that was promised was also taken away. The end result of the doctors appointment was she is growing great. She weighed 19.3 Kilos and was 110 Centimeters Tall. She can hear the quietest of whispers (better than the average kid), but her eye sight was not so good. We get to see an Eye Doctor in August. This will be a new adventure for us here in Germany.

Since it has been awhile since I posted, I will add a few recent pictures.

We went to the Netherlands in May to play at the beach. Had to get our "standard" Beach Photo.

Gardner and I went to Dublin, Ireland for a few days the end of April.

Spencer and Gardner went to their first Pro Soccer Game here in Germany in April.

Took the kids to a Park called Blauer See. No one wanted to go on our little family outing on this day. But once we got there, they were all happy.


Gardner said...

Great blog entry honey! The picures of the kids look great!

Jean said...

Where is that photo in Dublin may I ask? It kind of looks like Killiney Hill but the background is a bit off for that. I tend to think everywhere with that kind of a wall and lots of gorse is Killiney Hill though - you always see what you know I suppose!

ReluctantYankee said...

love the pics :)!

Bertolt said...

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Cristina said...

I grew up and live near Washington, DC. I have two little girls, one in kindergarten, and am suddenly faced with the prospect of moving to Germany within the next 6 months. I'll be in Hannover for a couple of days next week and I know almost no German at all. Do you have any tips or resources that might help me with moving my family to Germany?

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