Tuesday, January 19, 2010

St Martin's

This years St Martin's was a little bit more Special for our family. It is the first time that Emma and Ian got to enjoy it too.

Emma and Ian are in a new Kindergarten this year, and they do a little St Martin's walk as well as the Elementary School. They created their own lanterns in Kindergarten. This years theme was a fish.

We gathered at the Kindergarten and headed out walking through the streets of South Homberg singing St Martin Songs. Afterwards, we were back at the Kindergarten where the kids were able to eat some Weckmanner and drink some Hot Kids Punch.

A few days later, our city, Homberg, actually celebrated St Martins. Spencer and Hannah participated in the Lantern Walk. Afterwards, all five of the kids went door to door singing their St Martin's songs to get their candy.

Ian loved getting the candy. But Emma was sure to tell the people handing out the candy that what kind of Candy Ian would not like. As they would go to put in black licorice, Emma would quickly say, "Ian doesn't like that kind." I was a bit embarrassed, but Emma was just trying to help Ian.

As we came home, the kids dumped everything out. They made their piles: Definately keeping, don't care if we keep, and lastly, get rid of it. All the kinds the kids did not like, got baggied up and taken to the candy drop. And the ones they were indifferent to, got split in half. Half we kept, half we got rid of. It is part of the St Martin Tradition.

St Martin gave part of his cape to a beggar in the cold in hopes to keep him warm. So the kids give part of their candy to the poor.

OK, so maybe my kids should be giving more than just the candy they don't like to others. But, I am proud of them just for giving up some of their goods. Coming from America, where they get to keep all their Halloween Candy, it was a very hard thing for them to learn.

I failed to get pictures on the actual St Martin's Day. I had all 5 kids and Gardner was not around. I was too stressed out to even think about it. But at least I have pictures from the Kindergarten Celebration a few days before with Emma and Ian.

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