Monday, January 18, 2010

Shantal Turned 12!

Shantal turned 12 on November 10th. So amazing to think there is a 12 year old in our family.

I remember back so long ago and thinking we could never have children. After trying for so many years with nothing working out, we had all but given up on ever having our own Children. Adoption was the route we were looking into taking.

And then out of the blue came such a fabulous blessing. I was pregnant. I was very sick. But I was pregnant. And even though I hated almost every minute of being pregnant, I loved knowing I was going to have a baby.

Here Shantal is on the morning of her Birthday!

And she opened up her present from Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler. An Ipod.

Now Shantal has had many problems making friends here in Germany. And since she moved to a new school in August, I was very hopeful that she would make friends. Well, she did make some. But I was a little shocked to know they were all boys. So when it came time to have her birthday party, the invited list consisted of only boys. And with it being a boy party, the slumber party could no longer happen. So, she decided to go swimming instead.

Gardner took Shantal and the four boys that came to Dusselstrand. We were quite shocked on how inexpensive it was to do this. Gardner payed 12 Euros for 5 kids and 1 adult to swim for 3 hours. Duesselstrand is an indoor water park, with water slides, lazy river, ect.

After the swimming, everyone came back here for Pizza and Cake.

It was a fun party for Shantal. So much fun, that Spencer decided he wanted the same party for his birthday.

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Heidi said...

She's beautiful and the boys look very nice. Sometimes boys are easier to get along with than girls so perhaps that is why she's made friends with them. Thank you for sharing you adventures in Germany with us.

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