Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ian's Amazing Acheivement!

Tonight, Ian went to bed for the first time without a bottle!

He is 2 1/2 years old. I know a bit old to still have a bottle. I had tried to take it away before, but the crying was terrible and I gave it back. He just wasn't ready. He was only getting a bottle twice a day....nap time and bed time.

The problem isn't the "bottle" he is attached to. The bottle (empty or full) is like a pacifier to him. But he won't do Pacifiers.

But he has a huge rash on his chin and it is from the wetness from having the bottle in his mouth. I talked to him today about it. About being a big boy. He understands everything, just can't respond as he doesn't talk yet. He shook his head that he was going to be a big boy.

When I put him down tonight, he was fine for the first 20 minutes. Then crying started. After 1/2 hour, I got him up and told him, "I forgot. Big Boys need drinks of milk in a sippy cup before bed. Do you want one?" And of course he did.

So we went and got one. After two swallows, we sang two songs then he gave me the sign for bed and it was time for Spencer to also go to bed. So the two boys went to bed at the same time and Ian did not cry.

I am so excited. There is no turning back. I am hiding all signs of bottles before I go to bed.

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Briteeyes said...

Way to go!! Kind of bittersweet isn't it, as you slowly lose that last little bit of baby!!!

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