Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hannah's Gymnastics Competition

This past weekend, Hannah had a Gymnastics Competition. She has been very excited for this day to arrive. She had a goal and all she could talk about was standing on the steps, being either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the competition. She wanted to stand on the steps more than anything.

Last year at this time was her very first Competition. There was 24 kids and Hannah took 10th place. Not bad for just starting out. I was proud of her.

This weekend, there was a total of 29 girls who competted in her age group. But in total, there were 60 kids who took part in the Gymnastics Meet. But for Hannah, she was competting against 28 other girls.

They started out on the balance beam. She did great. She wabbled a bit when she had to jump up. And her cartwheel landing of the balance beam was a lot of hopping, meaning her landing didn't stick. But over all, she did great. The best on her team on this day.

Next, she went to the floor. She knows this routine backwards and forwards. But on this day, Her handstand that was supposed to turn into a summersault didn't quite work out. And this was a required element. I knew for Hannah at this moment, her goal was gone. But I was so proud of Hannah for still picking up and finishing her routine. Besides this one incident, her routined looked fabulous.

Next her team went over to the Jumping area. Her team in general has a problem with this portion of the Meet. An area that needs help, for sure. But Hannah looked great doing her summersaults onto a higher mat.

Lastly, they ended up on the bars. Hannah's routine was flawless. Flawless I tell ya. With the exception of her landing. Come to find out, Hannah's performance on the bars was the best of the day, out of all 60 kids. So exciting for Hannah to hear and she loves telling everyone that.

So then the fun part comes of waiting for the results of the day. They do it by age group. And Hannah's group was last. There were a total of 29 Girls. They start with the 29th place and go on up to 1st place. Finally, they get to 5 girls left. And Hannah was still waiting to be called. Then 4 girls left. And instead of a 4th place, there is a tie for 3rd place. Hannah's name was called. Oh My Gosh, she was so happy. I think I was shaking and was more excited for her than she was. She gets a trophy, which only those in 1st - 3rd get. Although, they only had 1 trophy for 3rd place, so no one got to take one home that day. She will get it next week. She said that was the saddest part of the day.

I am so proud of Hannah! She did so awesome. I am glad that I get to go and watch her during her Competitions. I really enjoy it. She is so excited about Gymnastics. And she is so precise in what she does. I took videos but I don't have them uploaded yet to share. Plus, I taped them in Compact mode. I didn't mean to, but that is how it ended up. And so they are blurry. So ticked about that. But at least we can see her perform, even if it is blurry.

Here are some pictures I got of her warming up and standing on the steps.


Kay said...

Congratulations to Hannah! That is so exciting for her. It is nice to have a goal and actually be able to achieve it.

luanne said...

Hi Tamara,

Congrats to your sweet daughter, welcome to the world of Gymnastics. Both of mine are competeing this year. S is a level 6, J is a level 3.


Harwood Family said...

Congrats to Hannah. That's so great that she's sticking with gymnastics. It is so great when the kiddos find something they love to do.

Renee said...

Hi I saw your blog and wanted to ask you a question. We are moving to Germany end of August. My daughter has competed in gymnastics in USA for 3 years and would like to continue when over there. We will be in Stutgartt. Do you know of any gymnastics places there? Thank you for any help.

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