Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Monday the kids had their first day of school. And it was a big first day for most of the kids. Four of the kids started new schools. So it was an exciting day, to say the least.

Shantal started the 5th grade at the Gesamptschule Heiligenhaus. Spencer started the 5th grade at the Gymnasium in Heiligenhaus. Hannah started the 3rd grade in the same Grundschule she has been in for two years. Emma changed Kindergartens and is now in the Ulmen Strasse Kindergarten. And Ian started in the Kindergarten with Emma.

It was a big day! We had to divide and conquer because of all the changes. Spencer had a special first day at his school where they do a Mass at the church first. Then they went to his school and there was a special program for the kids in the 5th grade. Afterwards, they found out who their teacher was and who was in their class. While they were with their teacher, the parents had some information given to them about the school. School for Spencer started at 9am and was out at 12 Noon. This was a family event, and Gardner went with Spencer. Normally spencer has school from 8am until 1:20pm.

Shantal had her little opening ceremony at her school back in June. She found out who her teacher was and met all her classmates then. So school for Shantal started at 8am, but she got out at 11:45. Normally, Shantal's school is an all day school. She will go from 8am until 4pm. But they are working them into the all day program.

Hannah went to school at 8am and was finished at 10:45am. First day in the Elementary School here is always short. Hannah's normal school hours are 8am until 12:30 or 1:20, depending on the day.

Emma and Ian both went to Kindergarten. I was very scared of how Ian would do. I was thinking if he would stay just 1 hour without me, that was a fabulous start. I didn't care if he cried the whole time, I didn't want to be called in the first hour. But, Ian did not cry. I was in shock but excited about that. He said Goodbye to me and blew me a kiss. We found the trains and the cars for him to play with, as he loves these items. He let me go. And I was gone for 2 hours, not one. Emma did have to comfort him one time, 10 minutes before I came back to pick him up. Emma and Ian are going to be good together in the Kindergarten, I just know it.

Here are some pictures of their first day!

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G in Berlin said...

Wow, what a day! I didn't realize that NRW started so early- we don't start until September 4th for our 1st day in Grundschule and Bavaria starts the 14th.

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