Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Soccer Finale

So, today was a very sad day for Spencer. It was the finale for the School Soccer Tournament.

There were a total of 8 teams today. It was broken up into 2 groups. There are 4 teams in each group. They played each team in their group. That was 3 games. They won two of the games, and then tied in the last game. That put them in first place in their group. And with those games, still not one score made against Spencer.

Then it was the semi final match. It also ended in a tie. But this time, it went to a shoot out. After the 5 team mates kicked, it was still a tie breaker. So it came to sudden death. It was a nerve racking 5 minutes for this mom. But Spencer prevailed and his team came into the finals.

The finals..........for first place or second place. The game was a very good one. Lots of action, but no scoring for either team. The 2nd half of the game seemed to go longer. And then I noticed one ref signaling to the other ref that time was up. But the whistle never blew. I saw him make this same gesture three times.

Finally, someone called last minute. At that point, the other team scored. I thought Spencer's team would have one more chance to tie it up, but then they called the game. Spencer just cried. As well has his team mates.

Normally, one would be so thrilled to get 2nd place. It is a great accomplishment. the tournament started out with 15 teams.

But, they have a trophy that the winning school gets to keep for the year. Our school has won it the last two years. And if you win it three years in a row, you get to keep this trophy forever. So there was lots of pressure on these boys to win so the school could keep this trophy.

Spencer cried all day long. I felt so bad for him. There are so many what ifs. I mean, if the game had ended when it should have and it gone to a shoot out, would Spencer have been able to come up with the win for his team?

Goalie is such a stressful position for a mother. :)

Here are some shots of Spencer. Some are during the shoot out and others with the 2nd place trophy.


G in Berlin said...

How totally impressive. Congratulations on Spencer being so completely integrated.

Paige said...

Those are GREAT pictures!

Paige said...

Those are GREAT pictures!

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