Monday, May 25, 2009

Spencer VS The Garage

So I was outside with my neighbor. She lives 8 months out of the year in Spain and was leaving in 10 minutes to go back to Spain. She had brought over a thing of milk since she will be gone for awhile.

Anyway, while out there, I hear a kid screaming. And I mean Screaming like something is terribly wrong. So I yell down to Shantal and ask if she was screaming. Nope all is calm there.

Then I hear it some more. And I realize it is Spencer, who just a few minutes before, went out to our Garage to get his bike. We live in a townhouse and are the third house in, from a row of 4. The garage is on the very end of the first house.

So needless to say, I can't see him, just hear him. I run like you wouldn't believe and find Spencer sitting on his bike with his hands pinned between his handle bars and the garage door.

He hands me the key to the garage, which was in his other hand and I am frantically trying to get the garage to go back up. Come to find out, I was turning the darn thing the wrong direction. Once I realized that, the key turned and he had some relief.

The neighbor was with me and took his bike. I am really amazed his fingers were not broken. You should of seen them. He was crying hysterically, and I can understand why. one look at his hand, and you would know he was in pain and it hurt a lot.

But here is the the crap did he do that? I mean, the garage has a key on the outside that you have to turn. He had the key out. That means he had to have turned the key to close the garage and then gone back in to get the bike and try to rush out and beat it. He says he didn't do that, but I don't get how else this could of happened.

I love him, and I am still worried about his fingers. But I do wonder.....what were you thinking?

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